Why Attend?

Catholica Summer Program will immerse you in the life and history of Catholicism in a unique and extraordinary way. This will challenge you to grow into a well-rounded and confident young man, with an enriched understanding and ability to communicate the Catholic Faith.

Every morning you will sit down with twenty five other young men and study Latin and Church History. In Latin class, with the Bible as your textbook, you’ll examine different passages from the New Testament. In Church History, meanwhile, you’ll study the life of the Church by an examination of primary sources. That means that you will learn from those who witnessed and recorded our very own sacred history! The tours will help you to gain a genuine comprehension of the history of the Church as you explore the city of Rome in detail.

Besides the regular classes and tours, Catholica will give you the opportunity to attend a few special lectures delivered by two men who work in close vicinity to Pope Francis – His Eminence Cardinal Pell and His Excellency Archbishop DiNoia. Your immersion experience would be futile without the spiritual life. Daily Mass and morning and evening prayers will nourish your determination to keep the first things first and deepen your own love for Christ and His Church. Every day you will kneel before the tombs of great Apostles and martyrs, and become personally and spiritually involved in their lives and their stories. This will be complemented with a Papal audience and day and overnight trips to some of Italy’s most sacred shrines.

Let us not forget that Catholica is a summer program for young men. That’s why we’ll go whitewater rafting, hiking and swimming in the mountains and streams of Italy. That’s why we’ll explore Rome on a Vespa, play against a local Roman soccer team and jump into the Mediterranean.